“Fan Love Knows No Boundaries” Taeyeon’s Fans Make Her Birthday Extra Special

Singer Taeyeon was moved by the love of her fans.

On March 30th, Taeyeon uploaded a video titled “How to Celebrate TY day,” on her YouTube channel “TAEYEON Official.”

On this day, Taeyeon visited a cafe where an event was held on her birthday, which was on March 9th.

Taeyeon showed off a cup holder with a photo of herself and said, “Even though the event is over to feel your love, I came to visit again” and was touched by her fans’ love.

Next, Taeyeon found a subway station where a birthday congratulatory advertisement was posted. It was time for an essential photo shoot.

Taeyeon expressed her gratitude to her fans, saying, “Thank you, fans,” and conveyed her appreciation once again.

Taeyeon then visited another subway station to see another birthday advertisement and laughed, saying, “It’s been a long time since I rode the subway.”

She then said, “Thank you for congratulating me on my birthday even though it passed on March 9th. Fortunately, there was an advertisement near SM, so I came to see it quickly,” and greeted her fans with a “Thank you.”

Later, Taeyeon moved to the company cafe and said, “When I went to the subway station earlier, nobody recognized me. So I went back and forth easily,” and laughed, saying, “So I thought, ‘Oh, I can come around here often, can’t I?’ Everyone was just looking at their phones and walking while looking at the ground.”



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