“He sacrificed a lot…” An Jaehong Underwent Dramatic Weight Gain for the Movie ‘Rebound’

An Jaehong gained about 10kg in just one week for the movie “Rebound.” He carried the Slam Dunk comic book around like a charm and tried to incorporate the “Jung Kkeokma” spirit into the film.

The movie, directed by Jang Hang Jun and set to be released on April 5th, is a touching true story of a miracle that took place over eight days, during which the new coach of the Busan Central High School basketball team and six players who were initially overlooked at the 2012 National High School Basketball Championship never stopped running.

An Jaehong played the role of “Kang Coach,” inspired by the real-life coach Kang Yang Hyun.

He is joined by a group of fresh and passionate young actors, including Lee Shin Young, Jung Jin Woon, Kim Taek, Jung Geon Joo, Kim Min, and An Ji Ho, who add a refreshing and youthful chemistry to the film.

In an interview held on March 29th at Mocheolseo in Jongno-gu, Seoul, An Jaehong said that he and director Jang Hang Jun had their first encounter through this film and spent a “real” time together.

He praised the director for infusing the set with cheerful energy and being the youngest adult he had ever met, saying that he was deeply moved by their time together.

In the past, director Jang Hang Jun appeared on TVN’s “You Quiz On The Block,” saying that he was preparing for the filming of “Rebound.”

At the time, An Jaehong had not yet met the director, but he said that he felt a strong attraction to the movie and thought he might appear in it.

Above all, An Jaehong, who decided to appear in this film because it was a “basketball movie,” said, “Basketball is not as popular as it used to be. I am also from a generation that grew up reading Slam Dunk comics, and I felt that the craze of the past had subsided. I liked the scenario that brought back that passion.”



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