“I’m ready to date anyone” — Actor Lee Je Hoon Surprises Fans with Change of Heart on Age Gap Relationships

Lee Je Hoon, a talented and sought-after South Korean actor, has been stealing hearts for almost two decades.

Despite his youthful looks, the actor is now 40 years old in South Korea in 2023 and has been in the industry for 17 years.

Recently, during a promotional interview for his drama “Taxi Driver”, his co-star Pyo Ye Jin brought up a past clip where Lee Je Hoon had expressed his unwillingness to date someone nine years younger than him.

However, the actor surprised everyone by sharing his changed views on age gaps and how he is now eager to find someone to date.

In the clip from ten years ago, Lee Je Hoon had quickly dismissed the idea of dating someone nine years younger than him.

However, during the recent interview, he admitted that he doesn’t care about age gaps anymore, saying, “Now [that I’ve turned 40], I don’t care if someone is older or younger than me. Right now, I’m so lonely I might die. I hope that someone—anyone, comes. Please.” He even got on his knees, expressing his sincerity in wanting to find love.

Netizens have been buzzing about the interview and Lee Je Hoon’s quest for love. Here are some of their reactions:

“Lee Je Hoon is such a catch! I hope he finds someone who appreciates him.”

“Age is just a number! I’m glad he’s open to dating someone older or younger than him.”

“I can’t believe he’s been in the industry for 17 years! He still looks so young.”

“Lee Je Hoon is such a sweetheart. I hope he finds someone who makes him happy.”

“I’d love to date Lee Je Hoon! Too bad I’m not famous, haha.”

Lee Je Hoon has captured the hearts of many with his talent and charm, and his recent interview has only made him more endearing.

We wish him all the best in his search for love and hope he finds someone who brings him joy and happiness.



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