“I’m still a singer” — Former Brave Girls’ Minyoung Denies Change in Career Path Despite Owning a Café Business

After news spread that former Brave Girls member Minyoung would be pursuing permanently as a café owner following the group’s disbandment, she stepped forward to clarify the situation.

On March 4th, Minyoung posted a lengthy message on her personal social media account, stating, “I am very grateful to those who have supported and left messages of regret after reading café-related articles or content.”

Minyoung explained that while coffee is her hobby, it is also a small dream of hers to have a communication channel with fans. She added, “I plan to work harder in various activities and my main profession.”

She expressed her ambition to showcase diverse activities and stages in the future and emphasized that she is still a singer. She respectfully conveyed her admiration for café owners nationwide while requesting support for her new endeavors.

Netizen Comments:

“I support Minyoung’s decision to pursue her hobbies and new opportunities, but I’m sad to see the group disband.”

“It’s understandable that they want to try new things, but I’ll miss Brave Girls as a group.”

“I hope Minyoung finds success in her new endeavors and that we can continue to support her.”

“It’s disappointing that they couldn’t renew their contracts, but I hope each member finds happiness in their future paths.”

“I’ll always be a fan of Brave Girls and their music, no matter what happens in the future.”

Earlier, Brave Entertainment announced the end of exclusive contracts with Minyoung, Yoojung, Eunji, and Yuna of Brave Girls. The four members started their activities as second-generation members in 2016.

Although “Rollin’” reversed popularity in 2021 after four years since its release, the group faced regrettable circumstances as their exclusive contracts with the agency ended in less than two years, leading to their practical disbandment.



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