Aespa’s Absence in Music Shows: Fans Confused by SM Entertainment’s Promotional Strategy

Even without the break, their promotions are strange!

Since aespa‘s last album as a group, Girls, came out about seven months ago (not counting collaborations), fans are getting more and more impatient to hear new music from the idols.

There has been a lot of talk online about the group’s ongoing break, but recently, a post was made about another part of aespa‘s promotional style that has some fans even more confused about what SM Entertainment‘s plan is for them.

The person who wrote the post realized that aespa‘s comeback tours and other promotional activities in the weeks after putting out new music were strange in the past.

It seems like there isn’t much promotion on music shows in the week after a comeback, and when they do go on music shows, it’s not very often and not very often at all.

For example, here are their ads for the music show “Next Level.

The song came out on May 17, 2021, but they didn’t appear on any of the music shows on May 20, 21, 22, or 23 (M Countdown, Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo, in that order).

They also didn’t play on the Music Bank show on the 28th. Their first show was finally on Inkigayo on the 30th.
In June, they only got to be on two more music shows: M Countdown on the 3rd and Music Core on the 5th.

They missed out on Music Bank on the 4th and Inkigayo on the 6th. And that was all the time they spent promoting “Next Level.”

Savage,” their next album, seems to have followed a similar pattern. The song came out on October 5, and the group didn’t appear on any of the four music shows that took place from October 7 to 10.

They finally performed on M Countdown on the 14th.

After that, they only did a few other shows: Music Core on the 16th, Music Bank on the 22nd, Inkigayo on the 24th, and The Show on the 26th.

Girls,” their most recent comeback song, was also pretty much the same. The song came out on July 9, but they didn’t appear on a music show until July 14 on M Countdown.

During the whole promotional period, they only appeared on three other music shows: Music Core on the 16th, Music Bank on the 18th, and Inkigayo on the 24th.

It’s strange for a band to promote itself by appearing on so few music shows, and Korean netizens have shared their thoughts on SM Entertainment‘s strange strategy for promoting aespa on a post about the matter.

What is the matter with aespa?

We would like to see aespa on music shows… They aren’t that common.

What kind of a plan is that? Why do they advertise that way? It seems like they’re not taking part… So, is the AI aespa instead coming?

It’s not just music shows, either. I don’t understand what SM is trying to do at all. Do they want us to say bad things about the company on purpose?

Are they trying to keep a secretive look… There are many posts about aespa that talk about this.

What the heck is this? What kind of plan is this… The fans must be angry.

Fans from other countries have also shared their thoughts, which seem to be similar.

It’s hard to say what SM Entertainment has planned for aespa, but we hope that the girls can put out some new music soon!



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