Netizens Express Anger Over RIIZE’s Anton Responding to an “Inappropriate” Marriage Proposal Sign

Netizens have expressed their outrage after RIIZE‘s Anton was confronted with an “inappropriate” sign during a recent show and had to respond to it.

Anton, despite his young age, has garnered praise for his immense talent and stage presence since his debut, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide.

However, during a recent concert, a video circulated online showing Anton being presented with a sign that read, “Anton daddy, marry me.”

The idol’s reaction was serious as he shook his head at the proposal from the fan.

The video sparked a wide range of reactions online. While some commended Anton for his mature response to the sign, many criticized the inappropriateness of the message, especially considering Anton had recently turned 20, the legal age in Korea.

Fans were particularly dismayed by the fact that Anton, at such a young age, had to deal with such inappropriate gestures.



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