BTS’s Jungkook Live Stream Sparks Concern Among ARMYs: Is It Burn-Out or Mismanagement?

Is it the company’s decision or his own?

BTS said that the group will take a break in June 2022. For now, each person in the group would be working on their own projects.

RM, Jin, and J-Hope have all put out solo albums, and Jimin‘s is in the works. Fans asked Jungkook about his plans for music during a live stream in early February 2023.

“Did I prepare an album? No, I’ve not. Everyone must be looking forward to a lot, right? I, too, am looking forward to my next album, but it seems like the other members are using their solo work as an extension of what they do with the group, while I’ve reached a dead end. I think that doing nothing is fine with me. I’m living like a rock right now.” Jungkook

Fans were happy to hear that Jungkook was doing well and taking a break. But when the tone of the live stream changed later on, ARMYs became worried.

Fans knew that the others were going to events in the US in February, like award shows. When they asked Jungkook what was going on, he didn’t seem to know.

In fact, Jungkook said that he had been living alone and not talking to anyone.

“I’ve been cut off from society for so long that I don’t even know what’s going on in the company.” — Jungkook

Concern grew when he started talking about his own feelings and the fact that the company hadn’t contacted him.

“Well, it’s not like I’ve been lazy or anything in the past few months. So to say… I don’t think I would be like this if I had even a small schedule or a little work, but I adapt to situations really quickly, so if I started working on music again or something, it would become a habit again.” Jungkook

Fans didn’t know if Jungkook was just tired or if the company wasn’t getting him enough individual schedules.

Jungkook is only 27 years old, but he is very talented and has a lot of room to grow. This is when he can be the best at his job, but he doesn’t have a schedule, which makes me sad. I’m so angry and upset that HYBE doesn’t use him.” — Fan

Jungkook is acting very maturely by knowing when to stop. Burnout is a real thing, and the fact that he needs to take breaks to keep going shows how much he loves music “— r⁷ 🌊💙 (@glossyrkives)

No matter if Jungkook is leaving because he wants to or because the company isn’t taking care of him well, fans are happy to back him no matter what.



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