The Amazing “100-Day” Transformation of a Popular Second-Generation Singer is Going Viral

Fans liked the fact that she worked hard.

Choa showed how much her body had changed since she was in the group AOA.

On January 27, Choa posted on her YouTube channel the results of her 100-day challenge to lose 5% of her body fat.

The video shows that Choa reached her goal of reducing her body fat by 5%.

The idol’s weight measurements showed that she weighed 44.4 kg and had 19.9% body fat.

At the beginning of her challenge, she weighed 48.5 kg and had 25% body fat.

The next scene shows Choa taking pictures for her “Body Profile.” “Body Profiles” are a new trend in Korea, where people take studio-quality photos of their hard-earned bodies, usually after reaching a personal fitness goal.

Choa then took her hard-won results and put them on Instagram.

Choa posts a number of photos that show how healthy and toned the idol’s body has become.

“I took pictures of the side of my body. Please take a look at the video footage, which is now on my YouTube channel.” — Choa

People on the Internet couldn’t stop praising the idol. Fans told Choa how much they liked her new look.

“You are so beautiful. Let’s take a profile picture of our bodies every month.”
“How does that tiny stomach hold all your organs?”
Park Choa pulls off this amazing feat!”
“Your form is crazy, Queen Choa.”
Choa unnie added some pretty pictures to her Instagram!”
“You are awesome.”
Choa unnie, are you crazy? You’re so pretty. I love you, unnie.”

In 2012, Choa made her debut with the idol group AOA. The idol went on to become one of the most popular idols in K-Pop before leaving the business suddenly in 2017.

Choa recently started a YouTube channel ( CHOA) where she posts vlogs and other videos for her fans to watch.

Watch the idol’s video below to see how much she has changed.



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