“Single’s Inferno” Contestant Shin Seul Ki Surprises Fans by Traveling in Economy Class Despite Wealthy Upbringing

During her time on “Single’s Inferno 2,” Shin Seul Ki was without a doubt the most popular contestant with the male contestants.

Some viewers thought that Shin Seul Ki’s behavior was “pick me” and that her storyline was “boring.”

But many people liked how nice she was to all the contestants on the show and how honest she was when she turned down Shin Dong Woo.

And the fact that her final choice surprised most viewers showed a lot about who she really is.

As “Single’s Inferno 2” was airing, we told you that Shin Seul Ki comes from one of South Korea’s wealthiest families.

Her father is one of the best plastic surgeons and owns a 20-story building in the Shinsadong neighborhood of Seoul.

Shin Seul Ki has always shown that she is humble and kind, even though she comes from a wealthy family.

Shin Seul Ki’s family has always encouraged her to become a pianist, but she started making her own money once she got into the piano department at Seoul National University.

Shin Seul Ki makes money by winning piano competitions, but she has also worked as a page-turner and as a pianist at church services and weddings.

Shin Seul Ki has even used money she earned to give away 20,000 masks during the COVID-19 pandemic. This shows how kind she is.

Shin Seul Ki is still modest, even after being on “Single’s Inferno 2” and becoming famous because of it. She recently put a picture of her flight to Vietnam on Instagram to show that she was going there.

Some people on Reddit noticed right away that it looked like she was flying economy instead of spending more money on a more expensive ticket, which is what people might expect based on how she was raised.

Shin Seul Ki really keeps showing how humble and kind she is, which makes netizens love her even more.



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