Old Work of NewJeans’ “Ditto” Producer Intrigues Korean Netizens

The scope is crazy!

Since its release, NewJeans‘ new song “Ditto” has been climbing the charts and winning over fans.

The most discussed feature of this song, like their earlier ones, is how new it sounds.

Therefore, many Korean internet users were astonished to learn the production’s name.

Two people, Ylva Dimberg and 250, are credited with the production of “Ditto.” Other NewJeans successes like “Hype Boy,” “Attention,” and “Hurt” were also produced by this pair.

One of the two, 250, has a lengthy K-Pop discography and has collaborated with artists like E Sens, Masta Wu, BTS, BoA, and others.

But who is it that goes by the mysterious name 250? Lee Ho Hyoung is the real name of the producer from Seoul.

He picked the artist name 250 because his name has the same pronunciation as the numerals 2(i), 5(o), and 0(yeong). His most important contributions to the Korean music scene include—

Given that the songs have such a wide spectrum of tones, internet users were astounded to witness the breadth of the man’s musical output. They also observed how hip-hop predominated in his work.

Here are some of the works of Lee Ho Hyoung

BoA’s “Christmas Paradise”

E-Sens’s “Flight” and “Everywhere”

f(x)’s “4 Walls Remix”

BTS’s “Look Here”

NCT 127’s “Chain” and “My Van”

ITZY’s “Gas Me Up”

Netizens then commented:

Isn’t this individual the hippest of the hippest? LOL.
Isn’t that the person who created “Flight” by E-Sens? ba dum tss.
However, the talent is unrivaled.
I gave his Trot music a try, but it wasn’t like the normal Trot. It’s contemporary and new.
I listened to ‘Bang Bus’ out of curiosity, and I started laughing.
With “Rear Window,” 250 debuted his own music catalog in 2018. He published his album PPONG this year, which contains songs that were motivated by the ppong-jak musical subgenre in Korea.



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