Baby Soul, a former member of Lovelyz, has fans worried due to the recent photos that have surfaced of her

We are concerned about her health and hope that she will be okay.

On the episode of GOT7 Youngjae‘s Close Friends that aired on MBC FM4U on December 7, former members of Lovelyz named Ryu Soojung, Jeong Yein, and Baby Soul made an appearance.

In addition to other things, the three showed off their continuous talent by doing a random dance performance even after the group disbanded in November of 2021.

Fans were quick to point out, however, that Baby Soul appeared to be much slimmer than she did in the past, and that her legs appeared to be more skinnier than those of the other two former members of Lovelyz.

It was reported in April that Baby Soul had shed approximately 16 kilograms (35 pounds) following the dissolution of the group, and it would appear that not only has she not gained the weight back, but that she may have lost even more weight since then.

She did not appear to be quite as slim as she does today when she made her solo debut with the mini-album titled “My Name,” which was released in April of this year.

Fans are more vocal about their worries regarding the idol’s health.

They are concerned that she may have ended up dropping an unhealthy amount of weight in an unhealthy method, such as through being overstressed.

We pray that Baby Soul is content, that she takes good care of herself, and that she has a prosperous career ahead of her in the future.



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