Internet users agree that Jimin is by far the most mature member of BTS; here’s why

The most mature member of BTS, according to online users, is Jimin.

On December 8, an internet user posted about Jimin’s maturity on the Nate message board Pann under the title “The most mature BTS member.” The poster said, “If you know anything about Jimin, this isn’t surprising, but people who really only know him for his looks start noticing his cute and aegyo-filled maknae image.”

The poster then wrote down what the BTS members said about Jimin.

RM said, “I have a lot of respect for Jimin. In a way, he’s the most adult in our group.”

RM stated, “I have a lot of respect for Jimin. He’s the most mature member of our group,”

J-hope stated, “Jimin is my dongseng, but sometimes I feel like he’s my hyung. He likes to joke around, but his way of thinking is mature,” and SUGA previously stated, “I’m not a talkative or witty person, but I get along with Jimin because he’s so good-natured.

Netizens also said things like, “Jimin is kind and thoughtful,” “I keep hoping Jimin releases a solo album quickly,” “Jimin should just do what he desires to do,” and more.

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