Aespa’s Giselle makes headlines for “Never Failing to Recognize the Assignment” with beautiful teasers for “Beautiful Christmas”

Is everything alright?!

Both Red Velvet and aespa are groups signed to SM Entertainment, and their collaboration “Beautiful Christmas” will be published on December 14 as part of the 2022 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU PALACE.

The planned partnership between the two outstanding groups is sure to produce a masterpiece, and fans can’t wait to hear it.

Teaser photographs of the skilled and gorgeous superstars dressed in Christmas-themed clothes were released by SM Entertainment as part of the advertising for the impending collaboration.

Giselle of Aespa, in particular, gained internet fame thanks to the release of some breathtaking teaser photographs, which once again displayed her amazing graphics.

Her enormous popularity was due in large part to her stunning physical appearance.

To the point where they were speechless at the sight of the idol’s beauty.

There was no doubt that this idea was “ideal for Giselle to showcase her beauty.



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