EXO’s Suho and Lim Ji Yeon opens up about their awkward friendship despite being classmates in college

Even though Lim Ji Yeon and Suho were in the same class, she said she felt weird around him.

Lim Ji Yeon and Suho talked about their awkward friendship on the SBS show “If I Go Just Once“, which aired on November 17 in the afternoon.

In this episode, Lee Sang Yi looked at the two awkward friends and asked, “Be honest, you guys weren’t close when you were in school, right?“.

We weren’t that close. This is something I also talked about in the pre-interview“, Lim Ji Yeon said response. In an interview with the production team, she said, “Jun Myeon is really the hardest guy. Jun Myeon has been a star to me ever since he was a child“.

Suho agreed with Lim Ji Yeon that he and her were both weird. Suho said in the pre-interview, “I feel weird around Ji Yeon. Even though we’re in the same class, I know we didn’t see each other much, and we both know we’re awkward“.

But Lim Ji Yeon said, “Since I came here, I think I’ve seen a lot of new sides of Jun Myeon“, and Lee Sang Eun agreed, “I had no idea he could be so talkative“.

Then Lim Ji Yeon said, “Did you see when we were talking about wine before? When we talked with our eyes wide open?” she asked, showing that Suho‘s new look surprised her.

Suho and Lim Ji Yeon are both in the Class of 2009 at the Korea National University of Arts. They are both in the Department of Acting.

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