BLACKPINK’s Lisa Has An Encouraging Habit That Shows How Blessed She Is, As Caught On Camera

Through the videos posted on social media, many netizens have started to notice something special regarding BLACKPINK‘s Lisa that the fans who go to the concerts say they love and adore.

During BLACKPINK‘s world tour, after every show, Lisa often updates backstage photos for fans and netizens to see. They take the chance to admire how doll-like she looks.

The most interesting thing about Lisa, though, is that she likes to pray before she goes on stage.

Lisa has been in the habit for a long time of praying before heading on important stages.

Lisa always prayed before BLACKPINK‘s first tour or when they went to Coachella 2019 as part of the lineup to help her feel more calm and sure of herself.

People think that Lisa prays before each concert not only to feel calmer but also to honor how far she’s come in her career and to wish good health to her family and fans who love her.

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