Crush made a surprise session in a bar singing his unreleased songs

In “Home Alone,Crush had a surprise meeting with some locals at an Izakaya throughout his break.

On MBC’s entertainment show “Home Alone,” which aired on November 11th, MCs Jeon Hyun Moo, Park Na Rae, Gian 84, Key, and Code Kunst talked about Crush‘s daily life.

After two months of promoting “Rush Hour,” Crush took a break. During his honey-like break, he went to a nearby pub and had shown an unexpected hack. He is shy, but when he went to the tavern, he joined the guests he invited and sat at one table to celebrate and talk.

Crush shared his worries with a psychiatrist he met at his tavern. The psychiatrist said, “I believe I’m in a bit of a burnout state,” and Crush asked the psychiatrist for advice.

As the mood got better as people drank, Crush held an Izakaya listening session just for locals who were drinking at the tavern and played unreleased songs. Crush, who watched the video with the others, said, “It is too much. Can I get on the air?”

Residents also liked Crush’s romantic song, so he grabbed a pair of mics and did turn into singer mode. Crush went to the 2nd round with the local residents he met at the pub. On his way to the LP bar owned by R.ef. Park Chul Woo, he was able to hear the good news about Park Chul Woo, which made viewers cheer. The entertainment show “Home Alone” on MBC airs on Friday nights at 11:10 pm.



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