Oh My Girl Arin’s latest Instagram post stuns fans even made her mother Park Eun Hye leave a hilarious conservative comment

When people I know found out about Oh My Girl Arin, they were even more shocked.

Arin just put out a picture of herself looking good in a black sleeveless top and jeans.

In the picture, Arin‘s hair is down and her hands are in the pockets of her pants.

She wore black jeans without sleeves, a tote bag, and green slippers to finish off the look.

Arin had shown off her belly button in particular by not putting the buttons of her pants back on.

Park Eun Hye, who played Arin‘s mother in “Welcome,” said, “Daughter, cover your belly button,” when she saw Arin‘s navel.

When her mother told her not to expose herself, Arin showed off her aegyo and said, “Oh my gosh.”

In contrast hand, Arin will be in tvN’s new drama “Welcome: Light and Shadow,” which will air on December 10.



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