Many people are surprised by the fact that Ahn Yujin is taller than the average height of Korean men

Ahn Yujin, who used to be in IZ*ONE but is now in IVE, is known for how tall she is.

Ahn Yujin‘s height is 183 cm. This makes her taller than the average height of Korean men which is 172.5 cm.

When new pictures of Ahn Yujin came out, netizens were amazed by her long legs and amazing body.

Recently on Pann, a post about Ahn Yujin‘s height with the title “In real life, a woman who is 173 cm tall”

The netizen who posted the article dropped the photos of Ahn Yujin, who is equally tall as the men.

Other netizens then rushed in the comment section and commented:

Even though she is only 173 cm tall, she is taller than half of Korean men.

I didn’t realize Kim Heechul was so short.

What are they going to do about how tall they are?

That’s why I’m suspicious of the average height of men. Why are so many men shorter than me when I’m 171 cm tall?

Proportions as well play a big role.

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