Kim Seon Ho In Discussion To Star In A New Romance Historical Drama

Kim Seon Ho is back in a drama with “The New Tower of Hash,” a romantic historical drama.

On October 19th, a drama official told JTBC Entertainment, “The New Tower of Hash” will be Kim Seon Ho’s return to drama. Studio & New, which makes movies, said, “We are definitely talking about whether or not to appear.”

“The New Tower of Hash” is a romantic historical drama about the fate of Joseon between the brilliant scientist Crown Prince Lee Hyang, who loved the stars during the reign of King Sejong the Great, who is known as the “Renaissance of Joseon,” and the mysterious woman Haeru, who can see the future. The script is written by Yoon I-soo, who also wrote the first “The New Row of Hashes.” Yoon Yi-soo is also known for being the original author of “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds,” which has been acted out before.

Kim Seon Ho plays Prince Lee Hyang, who is a very smart scientist. After tvN’s “100 Days My Prince,” this is the second historical drama. At that time, he showed how good an actor he was and how strong his presence was. Now, everyone is interested in how well he will play the main character in the play.

Last year, soon after he finished the drama “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” he was in the middle of a scandal about his personal life. He just finished filming for the movie “Sad Tropical” and is about to make his big screen debut. Last July, he went back to the play “Theatre 9-Touching the Boyd” and met people in the audience.

He said, “As an actor who is getting better, I will try to become a better person.” After a meeting with fans in South Korea on December 10, the plan for Kim Seon Ho’s drama is made clear, making people even more excited for next year’s events.

Once the casting for “The New Row of Hash” is done, they plan to get down to serious filming. The plan is still up in the air.



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