“Please don’t buy the album”… Red Velvet’s Wendy Left Fans Confused With Her Statement

The message that Wendy, a member of the group Red Velvet, sent to fans is becoming a big deal.

Recently, Wendy was talking to her fans through a paid app when she saw a chat in which a fan said, “I’m going to my sister’s concert and buy album for you to make more money.”

She said, “I’m not sure about concerts, but please don’t buy more than one album.”

She continued said, “Take care of your health and eat good food with your family with that money, or if you live alone, I hope at least one meal will buy you something good because you worked hard all day. When I’m sick, I buy clothes and go to the hospital. It’s what I want.”

Wendy also said, “I don’t know what’s important, but everyone seems to care too much about how many albums we sold these days. Where is the fact that there are people who care and listen? Buy and eat really tasty things with that money. Buy and wear warm clothes. It’s a request.”

Wendy then said, “Everyone buys this kind of album, so it looks like different versions of the album are being made. Don’t buy it, please. Who knows, maybe only one version will come out. If the number of versions is cut down to one, I’ll tell you that I think you should only release one poka. I don’t know if you’ll like it, but try anyway.”

When people on the Internet saw this, they said things like, “Wendy’s mind is so good,” “It seems like she really cares about her fans,” “She has a great personality,” and “I love her fans so much.”

Wendy, whose real name is Son Seung-wan and who was born in 1994 and is now 29 years old, made her debut with the group Red Velvet in 2014.

Since July of last year, he has been the host of the SBS Power FM show “Young Street.”



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