Crush on working with BTS’s J-Hope, “He really worked hard without giving me time to go to the bathroom”

Crush praised the passion of BTS‘s J-Hope, who participated in his feature work.

Crush appeared on JTBC‘s “Music Universe K-909“, which aired on September 24.

Crush, who first met and greeted BoA, who he had worked with three years ago, introduced the title song “Rush Hour“, which was released a month after the cancellation.

Crush said, “It has fun elements in it, and it’s a funky song, so I’m embarrassed in the middle, but there’s a performance. BTS J-Hope featured in it“.

He explained the process, “J-Hope came to my studio to play my full-length album, and I became very close to him. We shared our hardships and good things, and he said that there’s a theme called ‘Rush Hour‘, and he said that it would be very fun if you put it into this song his way and my way“.

Crush released the working episode with “While I was being recorded by J-Hope, I felt that he wasn’t a world star for nothing“.

He added, “He really worked hard without giving me time to go to the bathroom. Passionately. So thank you so much“.



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