Nam Yoon Su “I’m more interested in playing villains than romantic roles; acting is fun”

A pictorial of model-turned-actor Nam Yoon Su was released.

Nam Yoon Su recently conducted a photo shoot and interview with the fashion magazine Arena.

In an interview following the pictorial, Nam Yoon Su said, “I am concentrating on filming the SBS drama ‘Today’s Webtoon‘. After I started acting, I think my emotions became more colorful in the photo shoot than when I was only working as a model. When I am working on a photo shoot, I do not set boundaries between actors and models. When I stand in front of the camera, the first thing I do is come out well enough to satisfy everyone”, he said.

In addition, “I don’t know later, but I’m more attracted to villains than romance acting. Is it because I’m the youngest of the three brothers? (Laughs)”. He also talked about his greed as an actor.

He also said, “I want to grow as an actor. I really enjoy acting. Maybe it was because it wasn’t started because of a special occasion, so it was more interesting than I expected. I want to experience this pleasure more in the future”.

More detailed pictorials and interview with Nam Yoon Su can be found in the August issue of Arena Homme Plus and on the website.



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