Most People Don’t Know, Park Bo Gum Almost Lost His Role In “Reply 1988” To Jung Hae In

Even though it has been out for 8 years, “Reply 1988” is still the most watched healing series in Korean cinema.

Numerous viewers still recall the series details and characters, proving the neighborhood of Ssangmundong’s influence.

In the group of close friends of the neighborhood, Choi Taek impressed the audience with his quiet, quiet, somewhat goofy personality.

The character was successfully played by actor Park Bo Gum. However, during the casting process for the series, a name almost replaced Park Bo Gum as the Go player.

Accordingly, in the radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time” on SBS Power FM aired a while ago, two actors Jung Hae In and Kim Ji Hoon participated as guests.

During the show, Kim Ji Hoon revealed that Jung Hae In and Park Bo Gum made it to the final round of casting as Choi Taek in “Reply 1988“.

Jung Hae In had a brief appearance in Reply 1988.
Shaping with a cold face makes many people terrified in Prison Playbook.
The collaboration with his beautiful “Noona” Son Ye Jin helped Jung Hae In’s name step up to a new level.
The actor’s masculine face captivated many viewers.

As a result of this casting, the main actor of “Something in the Rain” was unlucky to get the lead role. However, he also appeared in the series as Duk Sun‘s middle school friend, who made Kim Jung Hwan “jealous” to the face.

Despite missing the role of Choi Taek, Jung Hae In quickly got a role in another work by director Shin Won Ho, who made beautiful scenes in “Reply 1988“.

Accordingly, he played Captain Yoo in “Prison Playbook“, a personality role, sometimes makes people scared even through their eyes.



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