Take A Look At These 5 K-Pop Idols Who Were Asked By Fans To Leave The Group Because Of The Controversies They Are In

K-pop idols are known not only for their outstanding looks and talents but also for being built with a beautiful image in the hearts of the public.

However, recently, some K-pop group members are no longer role models for fans because of scandalous scandals.

Some idols even angered fans, condemned, and even demanded that the member leave the group. These idols are often forced to go on hiatus or, in the worst-case scenario, actually leave the group.

So which idols have disappointed fans to the point of asking to leave the group?

Kim Garam (Le Sserafim)

Female singer Kim Garam, 16, caused a stir when she was accused of school violence. Although the group’s management company, HYBE’s Source Music, initially issued a statement defending member Le Sserafim, recent evidence has contributed to clarifying the initial allegations, leading fans to The group’s grave was deeply disappointed and turned away.

A video of the girls performing recently went viral, in which fans stopped cheering as Garam took center stage.

Besides, the hashtags #Garam_Leave and #GaramBully also became popular on Korean Twitter, which means that the number of fans asking her to leave the group is increasing.

Finally, Garam suspended group activities. The other members are still active as a five-member group and Garam’s future remains unclear.

Chen (EXO)

Chen, a member of the popular boy group EXO, shocked fans when he suddenly announced his marriage to a girlfriend who was outside the industry in 2020.

At that time, Chen’s girlfriend was pregnant. Therefore, the marriage information caused mixed reactions from the public.

Some fans voiced support but others expressed anger. Fans not only released a statement demanding Chen’s apology, they even protested outside SM Coex Artium in Seoul, demanding that he leave the group.

Although Chen enlisted for his mandatory military service later that year, fans’ disappointment was further compounded when the male singer announced the birth of his second child in early 2022. hasn’t participated in any major EXO activities since then.

This is mainly due to his enlistment but his position in the group is still unclear at this point.

Chanyeol (EXO)

2020 was sure to be a turbulent year for EXO, as October of the same year saw another member become a target for the anger of fans – mainly Korean fans.

On an online community, an ex-girlfriend accused Chanyeol of cheating on her countless times during their three-year relationship.

Neither Chanyeol nor SM Entertainment has commented on the matter. Therefore, Korean fans were extremely angry and quickly asked him to leave the group so as not to affect EXO.

After the incident, Chanyeol worked quietly for a while but finally returned to social media in early 2021. The male idol posted a sincere letter to fans.

At the same time, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against the whistleblower in March for spreading false rumors.

Chanyeol returned to activities with the group in June 2021, and it seems the scandal has ended with him unharmed.

Lucas (NCT)

Fans’ fury over idol scandals continued when in August 2021, Lucas was accused by several ex-girlfriends of cheating, having an affair, and even stealing their money.

After being accused of “catching fish with many hands”, taking advantage of fans’ feelings, slandering colleagues,… Lucas (NCT) apologized and announced his temporary suspension of activities to spend time reflecting on his actions not long after.

Angry fans quickly took to social media to demand that he leave the group.

They pushed the hashtags #Lucas_Out to go mainstream and fan anger flared as more evidence against Lucas came to light. The scandal occurred shortly before the release of the song “Jalapeño” by him and bandmate Hendery.

Now, the song has been postponed indefinitely, and Lucas has been on hiatus since.

Irene (Red Velvet)

When a hit fashion editor accused a girl group member of mistreatment and abuse of power in the workplace, the K-pop fan community was quick to guess who was mentioned. is Irene (Red Velvet).

Irene (Red Velvet) received heavy criticism from the public for insulting the famous fashion editor, Kang Kook Hwa.

Although Irene admitted her mistake and issued an apology, it was still not enough to satisfy fans and the Korean public.

Many netizens asked Irene to leave the group because the scandal of insulting her fashion editor was too serious.

SM Entertainment announced that Irene personally met and apologized to editor Kang Kook Hwa, admitting her inappropriate behavior and attitude.

She took a hiatus from activities for nearly a year before rejoining the group in her latest comeback in August 2021.


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