Netizens Were Shocked To Know That Lee Joon Gi Is Older Than Hyun Bong Sik Not The Other Way Around

Again My Life is currently a movie that is interesting and watched by a large audience.

Most recently, netizens have passed on an interesting scene of two actors Lee Joon Gi and Hyun Bong Sik.

At first glance, everyone thought that Hyun Bong Sik and Lee Joon Gi were separated by a generation.

But in reality, the two actors are only 2 years apart in age. What’s even more shocking is that Lee Joon Gi is the older one.

Lee Joon Gi was born in 1982, and Hyun Bong Sik was born in 1984, but the appearance of “Four Princes” seems to be ten years younger than his co-star.

This interesting fact has received countless amusing comments from netizens.

Everyone thinks that Hyun Bong Sik has to be a decade old Lee Joon Gi
Unexpectedly, Lee Joon Gi is the older one. He was born in 1982,…
… 2 years older than Hyun Bong Sik

Lee Joon Gi has long been famous as the “age hack” of the Korean screen.

This year has turned 40 years old, but the actor still has a bright and youthful face like in his twenties. Even in Again My Life, Lee Joon Gi transformed into a “delicious” university student.

The secret to maintaining the youthful look of the “Four Princes” is to abstain from starch for the past 6 years, and at the same time work hard at sports.

Lee Joon Gi was born in 1982, is a Korean “rating guarantee” actor. He is famous for his roles in a series of hit movies such as The King and the Clown, Fly, Daddy, Fly, My Girl, Moon Lover, Flower of Evil, and Lawless Lawyer.

Not only that, but Lee Joon Gi is also a professional singer, he has a sweet, inspirational voice and has released 8 music albums.

Even though Lee Jun Ki is in his forties, he still transforms into a very smooth student
His secret is to abstain from starch and exercise
On his personal page, the actor often posts close-up selfies showing off his ageless appearance, as young as his twenties
Looking at this picture, does anyone think that Lee Joon Gi has turned 40?



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