“Anna” Drops A New Poster Showing Different Sides Of Suzy

Yumi and Anna’s poster for the Coupang Play series Anna shows contradicting visions of Suzy.

Yumi and Anna posters from Coupang Play’s ‘Anna‘ show Suzy’s contrasting attractions. ‘Anna‘ is about a woman whose life changes after telling a small falsehood.

The poster captured ‘Yumi‘ and ‘Anna‘ in a uniform and a dress, respectively, in the identical stance wearing shoes. ‘

Yumi‘ wears a plain uniform with unbalanced red high heels, and ‘Anna‘ is getting ready to go out in a gold dress and shoes.

Suzy’s dramatic look in the same position and varied scenarios creates subtle tension, whereas ‘Anna‘ communicates a three-dimensional character with delicate and dense acting, allowing for a different performing transition from Suzy.

Along with a significant copy of “I do whatever I set my mind to,” this enhances the interest about a woman who starts a new life with a minor untruth.

The Coupang Play series ‘Anna‘, which is receiving a lot of interest as Suzy’s first solo lead part, is based on the novel ‘Intimate Stranger’ by writer Jeonghan-ah, which earned positive reviews from reviewers.

Lee Joo-young, who won an Oscar for ‘Single Rider’ in 2018, will write and direct the film.

Starting June 24, Coupang Play will air ‘Anna‘ every Friday at 8:00 pm (Fri).



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