Kep1er Drops Tracklist For 2nd Mini-Album “DOUBLAST”

Kep1er, ‘the 4th generation representative worldwide rookie,’ has announced the tracklist for their 2nd mini-album.

Kep1er revealed the tracklist for ‘DOUBLAST‘ on June 10 at 00:00.

Kep1er‘s ‘DOUBLAST‘ includes the songs ‘Up!’, ‘Le Voyage,’ ‘Attention,’ ‘Good Night,’ and ‘Rewind’ The song ‘Up!’ is about Kepler’s journey to ‘Kepler Island’

This album has a mix of veteran and rookie producers, including Full Bloom, Tenzo, and whyminsu and MooF. Top domestic guitarists Jujak and Dongmin Kim added a vibrant sound to ‘The Blast’

The tracklist picture foreshadowed ‘DOUBLAST‘s bouncy atmosphere. Kep1er, who earlier exhibited a novel image with the ‘Lemon Blast’ concept shot, is gaining additional attention with the track list today.

Kep1er’s 2nd mini-album ‘DOUBLAST‘s ‘ is a five-track trip where fantasies come true. Curious how ‘Kepler Island’s nine-colored music tale will color this summer.

Kep1er, who foresee enhanced musicality and collaboration with top writers, is projected to come one step closer to happiness with the 2nd mini album.

On June 20, Kep1er’s second mini-album ‘DOUBLAST‘ will be released online.



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