Netizens Praise These 6 Actors Who Played Supporting Roles In “Our Blues” For Their Impressive Acting Performance

tvN’s ‘Our Blues’ ends in two days.

‘Our Blues’ latest episode had a Nielsen Korea audience rating of 12.5%, a record.

Our Blues‘ placed 4th in the weekly global TV show category (non-English-speaking) on Netflix from May 30 to June 5.

Supporting actors also contributed to ‘Our Blues‘ popularity.

Let’s look at the ‘Our Blues’ supporting actors, who garnered positive evaluations for their work.

Jung Eun Hye – Young Hee

Jung Eun Hye played Yeong Hee, Yeong Ok’s hidden family (Han Ji Min).

Young Ok’s Down syndrome-afflicted twin sister is removed from her brother. Jung Eun Hye’s Down Syndrome made her popular.

The story of Young Ok and Young Hee, who were harmed by the world’s gaze, accurately showed the anguish of persons with disabilities and their families.

Yeong Hee’s painting exhibition ended the episode strongly. Yeong Hee’s heartfelt drawings of Young Ok touched everyone.

Kiso Yu – Eun Gi

Kiso Yu performed alongside Purreung Village’s Eun Gi.

Eun Gi and Chun Hee provided optimism and miracles to the fairy tale on television.

Eun Gi asked Chun Hee, who had to send her husband and children first and lost her final son, “I’ll wish on 100 moons.”

The people then gathered their strength and set 100 fishing boat lights on the black sea for Chun Hee. Chun Hee’s kid regained consciousness, giving her hope.

Park Ji Hwan-human rights role

Park Ji Hwan played a human rights activist serving sundae soup in Jeju.

Park Ji Hwan portrayed a passionate fatherly affection on television.

He catapulted to widespread status with his appearance in the big office hit ‘The Roundup’

Choi Young Joon-Ho Shik

Choi Young Joon was well-received as ice shop owner Ho Shik.

Jeong Hyeon (Bae Hyun Seong) and Yeong Joo (Noh Yoon Seo), the children who grew up in love between their fathers, affected us.

Ho Shik, a mobster and gambler, turned a market merchant for his children.

Watching their fathers dissolve, immature youngsters realized a father’s love is unique.

Noh Yoon Seo-Yeong Ju

Yeong Ju was played by Noh Yoon Seo.

Noh Yoon Seo got wonderful accolades for her portrayal of a high school student’s unexpected pregnancy.

She sympathized with his behaving during childbirth.

Lee So Byul – Byul

Lee So Byul, who plays a deaf member of Purung Village, became a major subject as a deaf actor.

Lee So Byul‘s smile made actors happy.

He also taught Lee Jung Eun sign language.



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