Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Eats So Well That She Practically Needs To Have Her Own Mukbang Show

Singer and actress Hyeri showed a huge amount of mukbang.

On June 3rd, Hyeri released a VLOG video on her official YouTube channel where she eats hot pot and enjoys her daily life at a restaurant with actress Park Kyung Hye, who is close to her.

On this day, the two went to a hot pot restaurant and added a lot of ingredients they wanted to eat.

Finally, the restaurant staff said, “If you order like this, I don’t think you can eat it all because there are too many“. However, they ordered a generous amount of food despite the employee’s dissuasion.

Hyeri has previously reported eating a mouthful of delicious food in dramas and many entertainment programs.

On the same day, she also showed her mukbang skills that did not rust. In the end, she was surprised to eat all the hot pot.

After eating, she said, “But I eat a lot. It’s so shocking“, she also said. She revealed a long stretched receipt of how much the two ordered.

We ordered 106,400 won worth. I think I ate about 80,000 won among them. Why do I eat so much?” she said, surprised herself.

Park Kyung Hye said, “I think Hyeri ate about 73,000 won, not 80,000 won“. She also said that she eats a lot because she is healthy.

Hyeri said, “I have a medical checkup next week. I’ll ask why I eat so much. Is there a problem with my stomach?” she said with a nervousness.

An employee who told them that they would not be able to eat them all said to those who ate without leaving food, “Usually women can’t eat them all if they order this much. I feel good when customers eat this well“, he said, clapping his hands.

Hyeri and Park Kyung Hye, who ate 100,000 won worth of hot pot, had a relaxing time, exercising and taking instant photos.

A male trainer they met while exercising admired the fact that they ate 100,000 won worth of hot pot, saying, “Men also eat 60-70,000 won“.



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