7 Photos That Show Off BLACKPINK Jennie’s Charms Perfectly Who Was Caught In Dating Rumors Recently

Blackpink Jennie and BTS V‘s dating rumors are continuing online.

Both agencies remained silent about the dating rumors, but since both of them are ‘Shoes’, it seems that various stories are coming out. In the aftermath, Jennie’s past love story is being re-examined. 

Jennie admitted to dating EXO’s Kai in 2019, but broke up after a month of public dating.

After that, last year, Jennie became a hot topic once again when rumors of a relationship broke out with her senior, BIGBANG G-Dragon.

Jennie was associated with male idols gaining worldwide popularity such as Kai, G-Dragon, and V. Some say, “If it’s Jenny, I honestly can’t refute it.” 

So I prepared. Let’s meet together the characteristics of Jennie, who is so attractive that the dating rumors continue. 

‘Cute + Sexy’ coexisting visuals

Jennie, nicknamed ‘Jen Deuk’, is a star with cute cheeks and an attractive mouth. 

However, Jennie attracts attention by creating a sexy yet alluring atmosphere on stage.

Recently, Jennie shook the fans’ hearts by showing off her ‘under-boob fashion’ that exposes her lower breasts.

Ant’s Waist

Jennie, who boasts a slim body, often wears outfits that feature a slender waist as if it would break. 

Looking at Jennie‘s slim waist, which seems to be less than 20 inches, her instinct to protect is natural.

Also, she has strong abs, making him a woman’s wannabe body.

Supercar’s ‘excellent’ financial power

On Mnet’s ‘TMI NEWS SHOW‘ aired on the 25th, ‘Young & Rich’ stars who drive expensive cars were unveiled.

In 9th place, Jennie of BLACKPINK was named. He owns a Porsche worth 290 million won with red seats. 

Perfect bare face without humiliation

In 2018, Jennie appeared on SBS ‘Mischief 8-1000’ and revealed her bare face several times.

At that time, Jennie showed off her pretty beauty without being humiliated even when she was wearing glasses with her frizzy hair.

Viewers showed various reactions such as “Even her bare face is perfect” and “She is so pretty without makeup.”

A witty and lively personality that makes the clown smile

In the past, Jennie showed off her quirky and lively side properly through SBS ‘Missuri 8-1000’.

She said that she had never harvested leeks because he was afraid of getting sick, and while taking a quiz, she appealed to himself by saying, “Am I pretty? I have a lot of money. I’m YG, the company.”

When MC Yoo Jae Suk asked what YG had to do with it, Jennie said, “I wonder if he likes hip-hop.”

Aegyo that snipes fans’ hearts

Jennie, who usually boasts a cute tone, is famous for her aegyo too.

While playing ‘Action Hunminjeongeum’ on SBS ‘Mischief 8-1000’, when the Jessie ‘ㅅㅅ’ came out, Jennie ran straight to MC Yoo Jae Suk and said cutely, “Western“. 

In addition, she made the brothers flutter by showing a refreshing biting heart in JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’. 

A warm heart that takes good care of those around you 

Jennie, who has been active as a solo artist in the past, expressed her gratitude by giving back tribute to the fans who supported her.

Jennie prepared a generous gift for her fans, such as a set of 3 ‘candles’ and cafe coupons.

In addition, Jennie showed a thrifty side by handing out autographed CDs to the staff who worked hard together.


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