Seo Ye Ji’s Comeback Drama “Eve” Original Premiere Date Will Be Delayed For A Week

There has been news about actress Seo Ye Ji’s comeback project.

The first broadcast date of tvN’s ‘Eve‘, a comeback drama of actress Seo Ye Ji, who was caught up in various suspicions such as gaslighting, school violence, and academic controversy, was delayed. In addition, it was decided not to hold a production presentation as an exceptional case.

On May 20th, tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama ‘Eve‘ announced, “We would like to inform you that ‘Eve’ has been delayed for a week. We inevitably have to postpone the formation in order to improve the completeness of the play. We ask for your understanding.

There is no production presentation. According to the known contents, it was decided not to proceed due to the filming schedule such as post-production for the drama.

The press conference for ‘Eve‘ drew attention as it was predicted that Seo Ye Ji would stand in public for the first time after various controversies. However, her production presentation was canceled and Seo Ye Ji‘s work was delayed in public.

Seo Ye Ji was embroiled in controversy over ‘gaslighting’ when she was involved in her acting activities when she was dating actress Kim Jung Hyun in the past, and manipulated her so that she could not interact with female actors.

At the time, Seo Ye Ji‘s side was correct that she was dating Kim Jung Hyun, but she denied the allegation that Kim Jung Hyun had to drop out of her drama at Seo Ye Ji’s request.

Since then, Seo Ye Ji has been accused of forgery of academic backgrounds and perpetrators of school violence. Regarding the allegations of forgery of her academic record, Seo Ye Ji explained, “She received a notification of acceptance to the Complutense University of Madrid in Spain and prepared for admission, but as she started her activities in Korea, she could not attend college normally.” She denied allegations of school violence.

Seo Ye Ji stopped activities in April last year when the allegations were raised. Around the same time, she didn’t even appear in public, including at movie premieres and conferences where she was released.

tvN’s ‘Eve‘, which has already received a lot of attention even before it aired as Seo Ye Ji‘s comeback work, is a romantic melodrama that deals with the story of a 2 trillion won divorce lawsuit by a conglomerate who has overturned Korea. In the drama, Seo Ye Ji takes on the role of Irael, a woman who designed a plan for revenge for 13 years to destroy the 0.1% of Korea.

Eve‘ was originally scheduled to air on May 25, but will be aired for the first time at 10:30 pm on June 1, which has been delayed by a week.


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