12 Photos That Show Song Hye Kyo’s Love For Wearing Shorts From Daily Life To Special Occasions

Shorts are a very popular fashion item, especially in the summer, fashionistas wear this item with a dense frequency.

Shorts are cool and personality, and can be transformed in many different styles, from dynamic, youthful, feminine and sexy to elegant… For short girls, shorts are considered a treasure. “hack” the figure because it helps reveal most of the area of ​​​​the legs, creating a more elegant and taller feeling for the body.

Shorts are so stylish, so showbiz beauties can’t ignore this item when perfecting the style, like Song Hye Kyo is an example. The actress wears shorts very hard, and although her style is a bit erratic, she still makes people unable to take their eyes off.

Song Hye Kyo appeared casually at the airport with an outfit consisting of an oversized black shirt, jeans shorts and low-cut boots. This set of clothes looks very simple, and Song Hye Kyo has created a highlight with accessories such as patterned scarves, cap…
Song Hye Kyo applies the formula for wearing shorts that cannot be more basic, which is to combine denim pants with a white shirt. Manipulating the half-lap vin is to help create a tall look for the body, and at the same time increase the liberal look. Wearing this outfit, Song Hye Kyo shows off her slim legs
Wearing shorts, but Song Hye Kyo still scored elegantly. Her mix is ​​simply combining a beige shirt with black shorts and boots. The way of highlighting accessories including black bags, sunglasses also fits perfectly with the outfit that Song Hye Kyo is wearing
The way to mix plaid shirt + jeans shorts is a cult fashion for a while. And now, looking back at Song Hye Kyo’s outfits, we still find them attractive and stylish. Despite her short stature, Song Hye Kyo still has no trouble conquering low-rise shorts – the type of pants that is considered easy to drown.
Combining loose sweatshirts with jeans shorts, Song Hye Kyo shows simplicity and comfort in style. However, because of choosing the wrong underwear, plus the strange design of the shirt, Song Hye Kyo looks a bit sloppy when wearing this outfit.
The combo of a dark blue shirt, combined with Song Hye Kyo’s black denim pants, is dark, but still very youthful and trendy. Sneakers give the effect of “hacking” age even better, but still keep Song Hye Kyo elegant and sophisticated
Song Hye Kyo exudes youthfulness and style despite wearing simple items such as a white shirt, denim shorts and blazer. This is a recipe that you can apply for several years without fear of going out of style
Previously, Song Hye Kyo wore shorts in a very simple, even casual style, but the older she got, the more her style promoted. Typically, when attending Fendi’s event, the actress caused a fever with her sweet, young and beautiful beauty and classy fashion style. She wears shorts mixed with a beige sweater, creating a very feminine and luxurious outfit.
At the press conference of the movie Now, We Are Breaking Up, Song Hye Kyo made a strong impression when wearing a short jumpsuit, luxurious silk fabric. The actress chose a very delicate hairstyle and makeup layout, in perfect harmony with the outfit she is wearing. Song Hye Kyo’s beige shoes not only preserve the elegance and elegance of the outfit, but also effectively stretch her legs. It can be said that, just by changing the style of shorts, Song Hye Kyo has proven that the fashion level is increasing gradually over the years.



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