Comedian Kim Shin Young Personally Responds To Her Recent Dating Rumors With Oh My Girl’s Jiho

Comedian Kim Shin Young, who was caught up in dating rumors with former Oh My Girl member Jiho, came to an explanation.

On May 20th, Kim Shin Young mentioned the rumors surrounding her on MBC FM4U‘s “Noon’s Hope Song, Kim Shin Young“.

Earlier, a YouTuber raised suspicions of their relationship by claiming that Kim Shin Young and Jiho wore couple items several times and spent Christmas together.

Kim Shin Young said, “I don’t know how many years it has been, but I saw all the links in the group chat room. There were a lot of ridiculous stories created“, she said.

She continued, “All or nothing, my rumors had no middle ground. I wondered if there were people who believed in this, but quite a lot of people talked about it, and my friends also sent me links“.

In addition, Kim Shin Young said about the couple item, “Can I borrow clothes from my sister? It’s my clothes. Many people are asking for an explanation, but this is not something to explain“.

Kim Shin Young said, “I didn’t know I had that kind of charm. I can’t pass it on with laughter, can someone else get hurt?“.

Finally, she was also worried about Jiho. She said, “I don’t think I can go on an outing with my sister. Please support my younger sister who is taking on new challenges. Please don’t block the road ahead“.

Meanwhile, Kim Shin Young and Jiho are famous for being close friends in the entertainment industry. In July of last year, they appeared on MBC‘s “Save Me! Holmes” showed off their unique chemistry.



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