Kakao Entertainment To Launch New Dating Reality Show Inspired By Webtoon “Love Alarm”

The global mega-hit webtoon “Love Alarm” with a cumulative global view of 5 billion views will be newly created as a real-life.

On the 20th, Kakao Entertainment announced that it will openly recruit performers until the 31st, reporting the production of the love psychological survival “Ring, If You Like It“.

Regardless of age, job, or relationship experience, anyone who pursues “real love” can participate in “Love Alarm“, and the production team selects the final participants through interviews.

Ring, If You Like It” is a work designed with the motif of “Love Alarm” (an application that informs you when a person who likes me comes within a 10-meter radius) and the love reality show “Love Alarm” in the popular webtoon of the same name.

Webtoon “Love Alarm“, which began serialization in 2014 and was recently completed at the end of Season 9, is a worldwide hit with a cumulative 5 billion views, and has also been made into an original Netflix drama.

Kim Min Jong, CP of Kakao Entertainment, who presented “Real Men” and “My Dream is Ryan“, will be in charge of directing the new love reality content.

By fully demonstrating its unique excellent planning and directing skills, it will capture the delicate and subtle emotional changes of the participants who seek the beauty and love of the exciting and tense love reality.

Many people are paying keen attention to how Kakao Entertainment, which presented a new trend in love reality with “Ring, If You Like It“, can draw sympathy from viewers this time.

CP Kim Min Jong said, “We will not only implement the ‘Love Alarm’ application in the webtoon, but also introduce various configurations and unique rules for viewers to participate in“, adding, “We will wait for the participation of many courageous people who want to find true love through dating psychological survival.”

“Ring, If You Like It” will start filming in earnest in June and will be introduced through Kakao TV in the second half of this year.



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