6 K-Dramas With Amazing Couple Chemistry But Show Only Few Love Lines That Left Us Wanting More

Fans of these K-Dramas must patiently await the happy endings of the main couples until the last episode.

Among K-Dramas of the romance type, the dramas listed below opt to unveil the love story of the leading couple at the very end, leaving viewers anxious. Overall, romantic and intimate scenes are few in these dramas.

Itaewon Class

The conclusion of “Itaewon Class” was centered on two storylines: the war between Park Sae Ro Yi (Park Seo Joon) and Jang Geun Won (Ahn Bo Hyun) came to an end.

And the primary coupling Park Sae Roy Yi and Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) also became lovers after many ups and downs.

This must be the ending that many people have been anticipating after having to wait 16 episodes to see Park Sae Roy Yi and Jo Yi Seo get together.


“Snowdrop” is a rather dark drama on political issues, therefore romance scenes aren’t the main focus.

Though the two main characters, Soo Ho (Jung Hae In) and Young Ro (Jisoo), had feelings for each other since the beginning of the drama, it wasn’t until episode 11 that they kissed.

The lovely connection between Jung Hae In and Jisoo, on the other hand, partly reassured the audience and made the couple’s scarce romantic sessions more valuable than before.


For many years, Yi Hyun (Park Hyung Sik), the male lead of “Happiness“, has been one-sidedly in love with his closest friend Sae Bom (Han Hyo Joo).

The two have been there for each other at all times, sacrificing their lives to care for and protect each other, but Sae Bom has yet to recognize her genuine sentiments and Yi Hyun‘s love for her.

Yi Hyun and Sae Bom finally admitted their affections for one another and had a passionate kiss in the final episode, when their lives had returned to normal.

Happiness“‘s ending also allowed the audience to envisage Yi Hyun and Sae Bom’s joyful future for themselves.


Vincenzo” by Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Bin is another serial that has viewers yearning for more love scenes between Vincenzo and Hong Chae Young.

The series concentrates on Vincenzo and Hong Chae Young‘s fight for justice, thus their love story is not prioritized.

Viewers have been partially appeased by “Vincenzo“‘s (Song Joong Ki) subtle caring actions and loving gaze for Hong Chae Young (Jeon Yeo Bin).

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

The audience had to wait until the last episode to see Seo Woo Jin (Ahn Hyo Seop) and Cha Eun Jae (Lee Sung Kyung) of “Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2” get together.

Woo Jin adores Eun Jae, but has the guts to disclose, while Eun Jae is oblivious to her own sentiments.

The two had discreetly sheltered and misunderstood one other until the last episodes, only to find that they had been in love with each other for so long.

Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist” is maybe the drama that makes the audience wait the longest, as it takes two seasons to see Ik Joon (Jo Jung Suk) and Song Hwa‘s happy ending (Jeon Mi Do).

Not only that, but in the drama, it took the two 20 years to reach a happy conclusion because they refused to profess their love for each other.



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