Here is How Nam Joo Hyuk Has Everyone Falling In Love With Him Again As Baek Yi Jin In “Twenty Five, Twenty One”

We all want a boyfriend like Baek Yi Jin

One of the K-drama male leads that generate the most buzz at the moment is definitely Baek Yi Jin of “Twenty Five, Twenty One“. From his heart-fluttering lines to gestures, Baek Yi Jin is being “accused” of capturing so many hearts. 

Baek Yi Jin is a guy who doesn’t try to act romantic, but always says things that make others feel comforted. He knows how to make a girl’s heart flutter, like a simple act of stroking her hair and saying: “Don’t worry”.  

In the drama, Yi Jin often holds Hee Do’s hand. Like when they are playing with the water faucet and get discovered by the security, he holds Hee Do’s hand and runs away. Or when they spot each other in the crowd at the train station, Yi Jin also runs over and grabs Hee Do’s hand.  

In the scene where episode 12 of Full House comes out, although Yi Jin initially means to save the book for Yu Rim without Hee Do knowing, in the end he still follows the rules and gives it to Hee Do who comes first. Yi Jin is a righteous man who would not let Hee Do down. 

Baek Yi Jin isn’t unrealistically romantic, he’s also quite reserved but he always shows up at the right time and acts in a timely manner.  When Hee Do plays with a sports equipment and accidentally breaks Yi Jin’s window, Yi Jin is only concerned for her safety and says, “Don’t move, you’ll get hurt. Wait for me”. After that, he carries Hee Do so she won’t step on the glasses and hurt herself. 

When everyone gathers in Yi Jin’s room and orders takeout, Hee Do wants to eat sweet and sour pork but can’t buy it because it’s too far away. Yi Jin knows this and secretly prepares the dish for her. 

Also, every time Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do meet, he always looks at her with sparkly and affectionate eyes. It is the unplanned natural temptation like this that makes him even more heart-fluttering. If Baek Yi Jin is not “guilty”, who is to blame?

Baek Yi Jin is polite and acts like an adult, but when seeing Hee Do in front of the grocery store, he can’t contain his emotions and puts his arm around Hee Do’s shoulders very naturally and says: “Buy me an ice cream!”.

When a car passes, Yi Jin pulls Hee Do towards him, causing the ice cream to stick to her face, so he gently approaches her and wipes it off little by little. Although there is no underlying intention, it is actions like this that have an even greater impact. Baek Yi Jin needs to take responsibility for his carefree actions!

Another point that we cannot foresee about Baek Yi Jin is his frankness. When people confess their feelings, they will try to be romantic and cheesy, but Yi Jin just goes on to say: “It’s love. Love. I love you, Na Hee Do. I don’t need a rainbow,” while showing a soft smile. 

The relationship has not been clearly defined, but Yi Jin’s actions and words prove his feelings towards Hee Do very clearly. Any girl would fall in love with a guy this soft and caring. “Twenty Five, Twenty One” is only entering the second half of its run and this list will certainly continue. So let’s prepare our hearts for more Baek Yi Jin boyfriend moments. 



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