“A Business Proposal” Continues To Receive Hot Responses From Viewers Says “I ended up watching the all”

The response to the “A Business Proposal” is hot.

According to the tally of Nielsen Korea, a ratings survey company on the 15th, the fifth episode of SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “A Business Proposal,” which aired on the 14th, recorded 8.1% of the nation’s households.

The romantic comedy “A Business Proposal“, which first aired on the 28th of last month, topped the Monday-Tuesday drama with a viewer rating of 8% on the 7th, the first time in three episodes. Since then, it has recorded 8.7% in the fourth episode, breaking its own highest ratings in each episode.

It is the second-highest viewer rating after the 11 mini-series tvN Saturday-Sunday drama “Twenty Five Twenty One“.

Various SNS and online communities also responded that it was fun. Netizens responded enthusiastically, saying, “It’s really fun“, “I don’t watch dramas, but I watched them all at once“, “I didn’t expect it, but it’s so fun“, and “I don’t want to watch them, but I enjoy them the most these days“.

A Business Proposal” is a drama about an office romance between a face genius CEO and a female employee who deceived her identity. It airs every Monday and Tuesday at 10 p.m.



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