Han So Hee’s Kindness To A Fan Melted The Hearts Of Netizens

Actress Han So Hee showed warmth to a fan she met by chance at a restaurant.

On March 2, in various online communities, Han So Hee‘s story told directly by a fan was released.

The fan said, “I met Han So Hee at the restaurant today. I wrote a letter during the meal because I thought it was not polite to talk to him during the meal. I didn’t have any paper, so I wrote on the tissue,”

Afterward, the fan said that Han So Hee‘s expression when she received the letter was so warm that she had the courage to ask for an autograph. 

The fan said, “My sister (Han So-hee) found the paper for a long time because there was no paper. I also asked the restaurant staff. I could just let it go, but I found the real paper for a long time,”

In the end, Han So Hee, who could not find the paper, is said to have signed a tissue.

The fan said, “She asked my name and she was very kind. I was going to put it on the tissue I wrote for, and she said, ‘But doesn’t this have a letter?’ And she looked for another tissue. It was a shabby letter, but it seemed like she wanted to keep it precious.” 

In fact, Han So Hee caught the eye by authenticating a ‘paper letter’, which seems to have been received from a fan through her personal Instagram account.

To Han So Hee‘s extraordinary fan service, netizens showed reactions such as “I can’t help but be impressed” and “She even has a good heart.”

Meanwhile, Han So Hee and Park Hyung Sik are scheduled to return with the Disney+ original series ‘Soundtrack #1′. 


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