‘Thirty-Nine’ Continues To Rise, Achieves Its Highest Ratings As Episode 6 Was Released

The tearful friendship between Cha Mi Jo (Son Ye Jin) and Jeong Chan Young (Jeon Mi Do) in ‘Thirty, Nine‘ drove the rating increase.

According to Nielsen Korea, a rating research company, on March 4, episode 6 of the JTBC drama ‘Thirty-nine’, which aired on the previous day, recorded an audience rating of 6.9% based on paid households nationwide.

This is a 1.4% point increase from the 5.5% obtained for the last broadcast, which led to an increase in viewership ratings in one episode.

On this day’s broadcast, Cha Mi Jo, Jang Joo Hee (Kim Ji Yeon), Kim Jin Seok (Lee Moo Saeng), and Jeong Chan Young‘s mother visited Jeong Chan Young‘s house and enjoyed a meal. At the same time, there was also a scene where Cha Mi Jo begged Kang Seon Joo (Song Min Ji) to keep Chan Yeong‘s happy.

Upon learning that Jeong Chan Young was sentenced to death, Kim Jin Seok left his wife and son behind and tried to stay with his wife, Jeong Chan Young. When Kim Jin Seok went to Jeong Chan Young‘s house, her mother appeared, and after that, she enjoyed a meal with Cha Mi Jo and Jang Joo Hee, who came to the house.

But the joy was short-lived. Jeong Chan Young‘s wife,  Kang Seon Joo, rang her doorbell and tried to break into her house.

Cha Mi Jo, who thought that the person who rang the doorbell was Kim Seon Woo (played by Yeon Woo Jin) who left her cell phone in the car, ran quickly to the front door and was surprised that the person outside was Kang Seon Joo and not Kim Seon Woo.

Cha Mi Jo took the hand of Kang Seon Joo, who was trying to somehow enter the house and came out of the building. He begged, holding Kang Seon Joo‘s hand, saying, “Please, I’ll beg you.”

Kang Seon Joo was angry, saying, “You’re not a person. I was angry, saying, “What are you doing?” but Cha Mi Jo kneeled down and said, “I’ll get hit if you slap me. If you grab my hair, I’ll rip it off. Just once. Please just go once today,”.

Then, through the narration, Cha Mi Jo said, “It will break soon, but once I had to keep my mother’s time to cook rice for my daughter’s boyfriend. Once, I had to keep the time to introduce my boyfriend to my mother. Belief. Honesty had to abandon my belief and keep it,”.

Kang Seon Joo said, “What the hell is Jeong Chan Young?” Kim Jin Seok and Cha Mi Jo said, “What is your Jeong Chan Young ?” and eventually left, reciting “It’s terrible” to Cha Mi Jo‘s appearance without wearing shoes.

Cha Mi Jo, crying with all his might, fainted when he saw Kim Seon Woo running to see him from a distance, and Kim Seon Woo embraced the fallen Cha Mi Jo.

The appearance of Cha Mi Jo, who gave up his beliefs to protect his friend’s happiness and cried, made the viewers cry.


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