“The Red Sleeve” Star Kang Hoon Confessed His Love For Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Says “I really want to say that I became an actor thanks to her”

Kang Hoon confessed his love for Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon.

In the 756th episode of MBC‘s entertainment show “Radio Star“, which aired on February 2, the second episode of the special episode “Let’s go to our palace” with actors Lee Jun Ho, Lee Se Young, Jang Hye Jin, Oh Dae Hwan, Kang Hoon and Lee Min Ji of the drama “The Red Sleeve“, which ended its popularity with a 17.4% viewership.

On that episode, Kang Hoon confessed, “There is an idol group that made me become an actor,” he said, “I quit basketball at the age of 17 and was looking for my dream, and then Girls’ Generation and Wonder Girls were very popular back then. As I became fond of Girls’ Generation, I’ve been thinking about how to meet them, and I thought that if I became an actor, I could meet them.”

When host Ahn Young Mi asked, “Who was your idol?“, he shyly said, “I was a fan of Taeyeon, the first idol I liked and the last idol I liked, it was a fiery love (alone) when I was in school.”

He continued, “I have a lot of CDs at home and there are name tags. I liked Taeyeon so much that I heard that her family owned an optical shop. I went there and got glasses even though my eyes weren’t that bad“. To this, Gura Kim replied, “You should go visit ‘Amazing Saturday’ right now

To this Kang Hoon, Kim Gura and others agreed they would go on the tvN variety show ‘Amazing Saturday’. Kang Hoon said, “I really want to say that I became an actor thanks to her” In a video letter to Taeyeon, Kang Hoon said, “I have a CD at home, please sign it,” and made everyone laugh by expressing his love as “fiery love.” Kim Gura trembled softly, saying, “I think ‘Nolto’ will be contacted.”



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