Viewers Concern Regarding Historical Distortion Has Been Changed After The 1st Episode Of Snowdrop Was Released

The JTBC drama ‘Snowdrop‘, which has been given concerned about historical distortion even before the drama aired, has changed the audience’s opinion window to private as if conscious of the negative opinions of the viewers.

Snowdrop’, which premierrd on December 18, was a drama that drew attention with the appearance of Jung Hae In and Black Pink Jisoo, who first challenged the drama. It was engulfed in suspicion that it was beautifying the Ministry of National Security.

Immediately after the airing of ‘Snowdrop‘, the real-time chat on the portal site, where viewers talk about the drama in real time, was switched to private.

On the online page, a notice was posted saying, “In order to protect the performers from profanity, slander, and malicious comments, TALK has been changed to private in consultation with the broadcasting station.”JTBC’s ‘Snowdrop‘ homepage viewers’ bulletin board was also private. Several opinions were raised immediately after the drama aired, but it was limited to the setting of private writing so that only the author and the production team could check the title and contents.

Regarding concerns about the distortion of the history of ‘Snowdrop‘, JTBC said, “The background of the main incident is not the democratization movement, but the presidential election in 1987, and a fictional story in which the military regime and the National Security Agency work together with the North Korean dictatorship to maintain their vested interests.”


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