Lee Se Young Hinted About An Intense Scene With Lee Jun Ho In The “The Red Sleeve” Says “We haven’t filmed that scene yet, but don’t miss it”

Lee Se Young, the main actor of the MBC drama “The Red Sleeve” has revealed various stories about the drama. On December 15th, Allure Korea uploaded onto its YouTube channel.

Lee Se Young read the character description of “Deok Im” which she played in the mentioned drama and said, “This part was accurately described in the original (novel), which made me think about it a lot at first. I’m 30 years old now, but as I acted as an 18-year-old, the way people said that I was lovely made me think a lot too,” she said, expressing her feelings at the beginning of the filming.

She then talked about how the audience praised the drama as an “Undefeatable historical drama” and her “trustworthy historical drama visual”, saying, “This is only my second historical drama, but everyone has already given me so many praises. I’m so grateful,” she said, expressing her humility. She then continued, “I think they gave us such names because the script is fun and the background is beautiful.”

Meanwhile, Lee Se Young also revealed a behind-the-scenes story of the “bathtub scene” with actor Lee Jun Ho. She shyly said, “As our ages were described to be 15 and 19 in the original novel, we constantly felt nervous during the filming. We couldn’t show all of this in the drama, so whenever there was a physical contact scene, I had lots of discussions with the director”, adding, “That was the first time I saw a man’s body. And he (Lee Jun-ho) was half-naked, right? I was really surprised but curious at the same time… But I hope he didn’t realize that.”

Lee Se Young continued, “Actually, actor Lee Jun-ho was not feeling well on the day we were supposed to film the bathtub scene, so the date was set again. Since then, actor Junho has started taking care of his body and controlling his diet. We had to do a shooting right after the first filming. He had a hard time managing his diet because he had filmed a little too late. I really felt sorry for that.”

Regarding the enthusiastic responses from the viewers about Lee Jun-ho’s abs reveal, Lee Se Young said, “There might be no more abs revealing scene, but there will be a bed scene. We haven’t filmed that scene yet, but don’t miss it”, arousing audiences’ interest.

MBC’s “The Red Sleeve” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 P.M.



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