ODG’s Sung Ha Rang Had A Special Meeting With Tom Holland And Zendaya Coleman

Tom Holland and Zendaya Coleman Of The Movie ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ had a special meeting with a Korean child.

On December 12th, a video titled ‘Korean Kid meets Spider-Man (Feat.Tom Holland, Zendaya)‘ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘ODG‘. Sung Ha Rang, who appeared in the video, is a huge Spider-Man fan, and said, “I think Spider-Man actually exists in America.” He later expressed his desire to meet Spider-Man in the United States.

On that episode, the production team gave Harang time to study English and prepare what he wanted to say when he met Spider-Man, and said, “I’m going to meet Spider-Man now.”

To surprise Harang, the production team informed Tom Holland and Zendaya, who were conducting a promotional interview for the movie ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’, that they had successfully hired him.


Soon, Tom Holland and Zendaya appeared through a video interview, and Harang, who said he was too nervous, began to calmly read the letter he had prepared. The letter was filled with fan feelings such as “I like Spider-Man the most among the Avengers”“Every Halloween, I wear a Spider-Man costume, and at home I sleep in a Spider-Man blanket.”

Harang‘s letter made Tom Holland smiled warmly, saying, “I also have a Spider-Man blanket,”

Harang also shared “I will meet you when COVID-19 is over, and I will study English hard until then.”

Tom Holland responded, “I hope to be able to meet you when I go there, and I will deliver autographs somehow.”

Tom Holland also gave a serious answer to Harang‘s question, “How do you shoot a spider’s web?”, saying, “I have a launcher on my wrist.”

To the pure question of Harang about “How hard do you have to practice to become the Avengers?”. He and Zendaya responded “Spider-Man was initially was an  ordinary kid. Anyone with special skills can become ‘Avengers’.”

Finally, Harang said to Tom Holland, “Please make more Spider-Man movies. I will go see them all.”

To this, Tom Holland warmly concluded the video interview by saying, “Thank you very much. We will do our best.”

Even after the video interview was over, Harang pinched his cheeks and said, “Isn’t this really a dream?” Then he ran to his mother and hugged her and said, “I’ve made my dream come true.”

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