Actor Jo Jung Seok Called His Wife Gummy After Watching His Kissing Scene With Jeon Mi Do

Actor Jo Jung Seok called his wife Gummy after the kissing scene aired.

In the tvNThree Meals a Day: Doctors‘ broadcast on November 29th, Jeon Mi Do, Jo Jung Seok, Kim Dae-myung, Jung Kyung-ho, Yoo Yeon-seok, and guests Kim Hae-sook and Shin Hyun-bin were drawn to watch the drama ‘Hospital Playlist‘.

After having dinner on this day’s broadcast, the actors gathered in the room to watch the 11th episode of ‘Hospital Playlist‘.

Jo Jung-suk, who has a kissing scene with Jeon Mi Do in episode 11, was embarrassed, saying, “It’s a bit like seeing them together.”

As the kiss scene between Jo Jung Seok and Jeon Mi Do approached, the other actors also appeared awkward, saying, “I can’t watch” or “I’m going to wash the dishes”

Both of them praised the directing and acting of the two long-take kiss scenes, but Kim Dae-myung and Jung Kyung-ho were ashamed by covering their faces.

Jo Jung Seok also blushed and showed embarrassment. The actors said they had a hard time and encouraged each other by rubbing their shoulders.

When they came out to the yard, the staff also showed a hot reaction to the kissing scene that was just aired, and Jung Kyung-ho teased, “They kissed.”

Jo Jung Seok said to the camera director, “This is going to be a slander, but I’ll call my wife and come back,” causing laughter.

He said, “Don’t take a picture of this. Then it will get weirder,” he said, leaving the room for a while to call Gummy.

Hospital Playlist‘, a drama about the extraordinary daily life of close friends of 20 years who are working in a hospital, ‘Three Meals a Day: Doctors‘ is broadcast every Friday at 8:50 PM.


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