‘Hellbound’ Director Yeon Sang Ho Shares His Plans For Season 2

Director Yeon Sang Ho of Netflix’s ‘Hellbound‘ revealed ideas and plans for the follow-up story.

On November 26th, YTN released an interview with director Yeon Sang Ho of ‘Hellbound‘, which is gaining popularity around the world.

On this day, director Yeon Sang Ho talked about what he said earlier that he was working on a cartoon after the end of ‘Hellbound’.

Director Yeon Sang Ho explained, “I have been planning the after-story since this summer. There isn’t much I can share but what I can tell you is I was thinking, ‘does the epilogue of this story need to be a story about hell?'” and raised curiosity.

He continued to share, “In the end, the title was decided on ‘Hellbound‘, but the title ‘Resurrection‘ was the one that came up fairly closely among the many candidates for the title.”

He also added that the second season will focus on the weakness of humans. The director elaborated that the weakness that will be portrayed in the second season will be different from the one seen earlier.

Lastly, director Yeon Sang Ho raised expectations by foretelling, “It will also show how strong humans can be at the same time.”

Meanwhile, ‘Hellbound‘ surrounds the story of an apparition that suddenly appears, foretelling the date and time when an individual will be bound to hell. The story continues to focus on the rise of a cult group that arbitrarily explained this apparition to send sinners to hell, causing those who receive the prophecy to be shunned from society.

Hellbound‘ ranked number 1 on Netflix’s top 10 series in just one day after it was released on November 19. Currently, ‘Hellbound‘ is gaining global popularity following the series ‘Squid Game‘ from Korea.



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