Ra Mi Ran Thanks Yoo Ah In For Sending Support To The Set Of Her New Drama ‘Internist Park Won Jang’

Attention was drawn to the fresh message that actor Yoo Ah-in delivered by sending a coffee truck to his senior Ra Mi-ran.

On November 23rd, Ra Mi-ran posted several photos of coffee truck authentication sent by Yoo Ah-in on her Instagram to express her gratitude.

Ra Mi-ran replied cheerfully, “A warm coffee truck sent by Head Teacher Yoo Ah-in (played by Netflix’s ‘Hellbound’) to the internal medicine clinic filming site!

In the published photo, Ra Mi-ran is standing in front of a coffee truck sent by Yoo Ah-in and drawing a heart and thanking him. The coffee car has a placard that reads, “I support Ra Mi-ran’s dazzling career and body fat, who have nowhere else to climb.” In another photo, Ra Mi-ran is posing playfully while pointing to a banner sent by Yoo Ah-in. This banner contains the message of Yoo Ah-in, “Eat a lot of fructose liquid and be strong. Senior~”

Netizens who saw this responded with comments such as “Cheer for body fat lol Yoo Ah-in is witty”, “Chairman’s comment is cute. I think the two are really close”, “What is body fat?

Yoo Ah-in and Ra Mi-ran met while starring in the movie ‘Fashion King‘ and the drama ‘Jang Ok-jeong‘, and Living by Love‘ together. At the 41st Blue Dragon Film Awards held in February, they also won the Best Actor and Best Actress awards side by side. The two also worked together in the movie ‘High Five‘, which finished filming on November 7th.

Ra Mi-ran is currently in the midst of filming the drama ‘Internist Park Won Jang‘, which is based on a webtoon of the same name.



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