Choi Min Ho And Chae Soo Bin Are The Lead Casts For Netflix ‘The Fabulous’

Netflix confirmed that Choi Min Ho and Chae Soo Bin are the main cast of ‘The Fabulous’ along with the production confirmation.

‘The Fabulous’ is a hyper-realistic romance that depicts the dreams, love, and friendship of young people who have dedicated their lives to the fashion world, written as ‘fashion’ and ‘passion’. The fierce survival of N-year-olds struggling to survive in the fashion world, and the splendid and hot daily life of those who eat, work, and love in the hip and hottest places in Korea are expected to bring excitement and empathy.

The combination of Noonhogang, which will realistically portray the romance of young people in their 30s, is also igniting expectations. Chae Soo Bin, who proved her presence through stable acting in Netflix movies ‘Sweet and Sweet’, dramas ‘I’m not a robot, ‘Fox Stars’, and ‘half of half’, will play the role of ‘Pyo Ji Eun’, the head of a luxury brand promotion agency. She liked pretty things since childhood and is now struggling to survive in the fashion industry she has admired all her life.

Media and genres such as drama ‘Yumi’s Cells’, ‘How to Love City Man and Woman’, ‘The Most Beautiful Farewell in the World’, ‘Hwarang’, and the movie ‘Jangsari: Forgotten Heroes’, ‘Inrang’, and ‘Gyechun Halmang’ are some of the works of Choi Min Ho. This time, the actor plans to broaden his acting spectrum by portraying the role of freelance retoucher ‘Ji Woo-min’. He is the man who has everything from his looks to his abilities, except for his passion. Pyo Ji-eun and Pyo-eun will cross paths between thumb and friendship and will maintain a high-tension relationship where they do not know where to go. Ji-min will eventually realize his dreams and love and will decide to move forward.

‘The Fabulous’, which depicts the story of ordinary youths living hotly in the background of the colorful fashion industry, is ‘Gu Family Book’, ‘Hwayugi’, ‘Regal High’, ‘Hotel Del Luna’, and ‘Blue Spring from afar’. Producer Kim Jung-Hyun, who participated in the drama, will direct, and writers Kim Ji-hee and Im Jin-seon will write the screenplay. The production will be handled by Gil Pictures, a trusted production company that produced the Netflix series ‘Boys Judgment’ and captivated the small screen with the dramas ‘One the Woman’ and ‘Stove League’.

‘The Fabulous’ will premier worldwide through Netflix.



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