Actor Kang Ki Young And His Wife Welcome Their First Child

Actor Kang Ki-young announced the birth of a son.

On November 15th, an official from Kang Ki-young‘s agency, Namoo Actors, said, “Kang Ki-young held her son in her arms on November 12th.” Both mother and child were reported to be healthy.

Previously, Kang Ki-young got married in May 2019 after dating a younger non-celebrity.

On the other hand, Kang Ki-young is a theater actor and debuted in the play ‘Bad Magnet‘ in 2009, drama ‘High School King’, ‘Oh My Ghost‘, ‘Let’s Fight Ghost’, ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim‘, the movie ‘Exit’ and ‘Most Ordinary’ He appeared in various works such as ‘Love’ and ‘Jasan Eobo’. He was also active in the entertainment shows ‘Micouri’ and ‘Petkage’.

The movie ‘Negotiation‘, which was filmed last year, is about to be released, and he has confirmed his appearance in the Netflix drama ‘Weird Lawyer, Woo Young Woo‘, which is scheduled to be released next year.



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