Actor Yang Se Jong Officially Discharged From The Military Today

Actor Yang Se-jong returns to his fans after completing his military service.

Yang Se-jong will be discharged from the military on November 15th (today) after completing his active duty service. Previously, Yang Se-jong entered the training center on May 12 last year (2020), received basic military training, and continued his military service as an active-duty soldier.

At the time of his enlistment, Yang Se-jong said through his fan cafe, “I promise to see you again with a healthier and more energetic image, and I will come back well.”

Currently, Yang Se-jong’s exclusive contract with his former agency Good People has expired. After his discharge from the military, he is expected to find a new agency and continue his activities.

On the other hand, Yang Se-jong, who made his debut in 2016, increased his popularity with ‘Saimdang Light’s Diary’, starting with the drama ‘Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim’. Yang Se-jong, who has since emerged as a leading actor, has been recognized as a popular actor by taking on lead roles in ‘Dual’, ‘Temperature of Love’, ‘Still 17’ and ‘My Country: The New’.

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