Netizens Are Confused After Noticing Song Hye Kyo’s Photos From The Press Conference for ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ Were Photoshopped

On November 9, the press conference for SBS‘s new drama ‘Now, We Are Breaking Up‘ was held, and Song Hye Kyo‘s outstanding beauty immediately captivated hearts. However, netizens couldn’t help but be confused after noticing these press conference photos were heavily photoshopped, almost resembling a magazine photoshoot.

Some of the netizens’ comments included:

“She’s so pretty, but why [do the photos] look like they’re from long time ago? Loll.”

“What? These are the official photos? Aren’t there any photos without the filter?”

“It’s my first time seeing a press conference photo this photoshopped, so it’s a new feel Lollll.”

“What’s wrong with the coloring?”

“Did they photoshop [the photos] using an app? Please tell me which number filter it is.”

“The photoshop is done to the level of a photoshoot.”

“Why did they photoshop it so much?”

“The photoshop is weird.”

“Did her company spread these photos?”

“She would be pretty even without the photoshop.”

“What kind of cheap photoshop did they use?”



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